Top Government & Private job Sectors in Bangladesh

top job sectors in Bangladesh
top job sectors in Bangladesh

Hello, guys welcome to online about top 10 jobs in Bangladesh. Today I am going to share with you the top 10 job circulars in Bangladesh. In this article, I will show you the top best job circular where as a bangli you can apply. Probably you have completed your education coma graduations coma post-graduation or whatever you want. have the best jobs for you if you have completed your graduation from a reputed university that you can do jobs world-class jobs sector.

 I am going to schedule the top 10 job sector in Bangladesh

Toppest Jobs Under Bangladesh Bank

 if you want to work in an investment banker. There are several Bank Where are you in word.  but this is not so easy to get a bank job in Bangladesh the bank job sectors have a requirement committee.  so if you work there you have to complete your four-year graduation fromUniversity in Bangladesh, there have a banker selection committee that calls the banker selection committee. black panther selection committee work under Bangladesh bank.

If you want to do bank jobs at the Bangladesh bankers committee then you have to follow some rules. Is a website called Bangladesh bank recruitment website?  Bangladesh Bank recruitment notice. For all application related works are processing here. Under online recruitment, You will get a job opening online application applicant CV and so on. Fastly you will get opening job opening of Bb.

here you will get the job opening operation of Bangladesh Bank. If you want to apply for any job at Bangladesh Bank firstly,  you have to create an account under Bangladesh Bank. before creating an account you should remember one thing. You can not change your photo. So I will suggest you recheck, is your photo is ok or not.

Medical Professions in Bangladesh

we know the medical profession is a very worthy profession all over the world. there is the lake of doctors nurse searching medical technologist medical specialist,  and mother related jobs. If you want to jobs in the medical profession you have to complete Medical study, but there is also an administrative post too.  you can also join these posts. If also want to join a medical professional. it will be the best sector for you. There is a package of medical support. Most of the village has no hospital and medical surgeon. If you have completed your medical stud. you can earn a huge amount from Bangladesh. Even the government also giving requirements in this sector every year.


BCS Job Profession

BCS which called Bangladesh civil services. Most prestigious and highly demanded govt jobs in Bangladesh. About all of the job holders want to do jobs at Bangladesh civil services. Although every student dreams it. But its a more competitive job in Bangladesh. About five candidates apply for this post and prepare themselves. Only around two thousand candidates would be select for the post. Every year Bangladesh civil service takes this exam. The most attractive jobs ever in Bangladesh.

There is a process of being a proud member of the Bangladesh Public services Commission. Firstly, take a look circular of the jobs. Secondly, apply from the official website of Bangladesh Public services Commission. The first and foremost option for candidates is studying hard. As a first-class government job in Bangladesh, then you have to pick that position.

SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant is a very attractive profession in Bangladesh. If you want to make a different job then you can start SEO. In Bangladesh, there are a lot of big companies. You can start your career here. They are hiring SEO Consultants for their growing business. If you can learn SEO. Then you can earn a lot of money from Bangladesh. They are looking for SEO consultants for their business. But, as an SEO expert, you have to learn keyword research, data analysis, website management, competitor analysis, etc. You can learn it from the internet. Also here is some big IT Farm. Who is giving support to learn?

why they are hiring seo consultant for their business:

  • They want to grow up their business on the internet.
  • Customers are using the internet.
  • Internet marketing has become easy.
  • Easily a company can advertise its product on the internet.
  • Internet user always searching for new product

Other Goverment jobs in Bangladesh

There are several types of jobs in Bangladesh. Even, the Govt. jobs here are the most attractive and prestigious jobs. If any candidate who gets govt jobs, others respect them. Especially take care of differently. Here is also some more reason to being a govt. job holder.

About 1,678,342 have government jobs post in Bangladesh. Although, every year is the number is increasing rapidly. Even, the fresh graduation completed students are increasing more than government job vacancy posts. There are 4 grading based category jobs in the government sector. There are some recruitments to apply for these government jobs in Bangladesh.

  • A candidate has to be a Bangladeshi by birth
  • The age will be 18 – 30.
  • Need Educational certificate what will be mentioned in the job circulars.

There also some more recruitment has been mentioned in the circular. How ever, if you are a Bangladeshi and want to do govt jobs then study hard. Govt jobs are now very competitive. Without being a good student a candidate can’t do well in the exam hall. Similarly, should be more creative, hard worker and intelligent.

Private Jobs in Bangladesh

Most of Bangladeshi now want to do private jobs. Especially, some candidates don’t want to prepare themselves again for government jobs. In Bangladesh, there are a lot of private job sectors. If you are an active, hard worker, intelligent, smart than you can work at private jobs. Some candidates don’t love to take it for their lifetime profession. They think private jobs are insecure, hard work, and competitive. But all the private jobs are not the same. Although there are some fraud private job sectors the majority are really good. Before starting private jobs I will recommend checking the full details of the company.

In conclusion: I hope you will get a better idea about the govt jobs sector and privates job sectors. in Odhoyon I have mention all types of jobs sector you. If you want to do govt jobs in Bangladesh, please study regularly. Without study, you can’t get a high-quality job. Although govt jobs are very attractive in Bangladesh but private jobs are being attractive day by day. Please stay with us and leave a reply. Thank you.

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